Rising above the bullshit!


This particular topic is a common compulsive fallback that we all can become victims to if we allow it and trust me we can all relate in one way or another…

Why do we deal in other peoples bullshit? And I say “IN” because no matter what, we are always somehow dragged into it…. We certainly didn’t ask for it in the first place but thats life and unfortunately if somebody is having a bad day or if they have unresolved issues then we/you are bound to fall victim to them….

I recently had a very good friend of mine who I loved dearly disappear from my life…I certainly didn’t want it to result in such a way , but people come into your life for a reason and if it is all just for a short brief moment in time then that’s just the way life is….
I was hurt, then my hurt turned to disappointment more then anything else, but that was their own choice and it is now my choice to rise above the bullshit and not buy into their own reactions or issues that they have with themselves..

The sad part about this all is that we give to people in the way in which perhaps it should be given back to us, but expectations is our own downfall!!!!

…but it doesn’t always work out that way….why???
I will tell you why, because it is easier for somebody to push another away when they feel that they are not worthy of goodness, they set themselves up for their own sabotage only to then later realise that what they had was real and only then wish it back into their lives…

The countless stories in which I have encountered or even experienced myself always resulted in the same way…
The person who is initially hurt of course is you, but you learn to rise above the bullshit because it’s not yours to own…

The person on the receiving end should watch what they wish for because in the end they might just get it all…and all a little too late…the fact after the cause becomes a matter of fact; you have already moved on….

Learning to rise above the bullshit is a simple terminology it’s called: “being kind to yourself!”


Wriiten by Elizabeth Pozoglou © 2008


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