To be who you want to be…it’s not a question…it’s a statement


Ever wondered where your life is headed? Of course you have, we all have ponded on that question at some point in our lives…
It shouldn’t really be a matter of a question, it  rather just should be lived!
Perfect? What is perfect?…It’s your own perception of what you feel is perfect to you, not anybody else’s perception, only your own!
What is it to feel? To feel is something that comes from the heart and not the head…emotions that are real are felt with the body and soul….your head is a whole other ball game…

Ok so what am I really getting at here is simple, everything that you experience in your life is your own perception of what you feel and how you process it through those feelings.
Perfect is a feeling, loving is a feeling, learning is a feeling, everything that you do in life is felt, it’s the only way one can experience a thought through feeling it! Whether good or bad it is still felt….

So be who YOU want to be through your own experiences of feeling…good or bad it’s all part of life that enables you to grow with wisdom and clarity…to stop feeling is to stop living…to stop living is to stop dreaming….

Don’t ever give on on your dreams…giving up on your dreams is giving up on who you want to be….

So go be who you want to be and live your dreams…after all it was you all along that gave birth to them in the first place….your own perception….

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou © 2007


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