What goes around comes around!

  • What you see
    Are the remnants left to be
    You made your choices alone
    Filtered through you have shown
    A lack of self
    You have felt
    An unnecessary act
    Thought you had my back

  • It’s the universal laws
    Now I see your flaws
    It’s come back to haunt you
    Regret is too late to undo

  • What goes around comes back around
    It’s you that it’s found
    The bad choices you’ve made
    Now cuts you like a blade
    What goes around comes around
    In your misfortune you will drown

  • So stupid for you to think
    That your choices won’t see you sink
    Do onto others
    Thought you were like no other
    You should’ve known right from wrong
    I now have these words for a song
    You cheated and you lied
    Inside me something has died
    You now live with yourself
    Inside you your left to dwell
    Cause you should know
    The universe always has her final show
    what goes around comes around
    right back around

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