Freeing your mind creates freedom within


Can one really think about this for a moment…Go on give yourself just a moment. Freedom actually is a state of mind..

And what exactly is freedom???
Freedom really is all that the mind sets itself up to be and it’s just a state of your own being; basically it’s the way in which you are conditioned to think! This being set up and instilled in you from your parents and your caregivers. Wake up call; they aren’t always right!!!!
The point in which I am trying to make right here is that we are so caught up with so many different portraying disillusioned thoughts of what is expected of us as we were conditioned to think whilst growing up. So much so that the biggest fear is us letting go of that way of thinking and creating the necessary change that is required from us in order to break old habits to reform and rebuild our way of thinking, changing the state in which our mind thinks. Feeling the need to be free of letting go creates that freedom and alters the change within you.
We always fall victim to repeating the same mistakes, even tho we know that our natural gut instinct warns us of a wrong doing!  That we have been down this road before and the only way in which you can correct it and not fall victim again is to actually create the change, change only happens when you start breaking your own cycle and allowing the shift to take place without any reservations or fearing of what might happen as a result of the way you were once conditioned to think. 
There is no wrong or right way of doing something, only experiencing it and then taking away from that experience the wisdom gained through that experience.
Free feel to be and to be is not a question but rather an obligation to yourself and the changes you choose to make in your life to set your mind in a state of freedom and allowing yourself to explore who you really are without feeling any fear!!!

 Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou © 2009

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