Letting go!


I write this as it’s something I have been working on with myself for a while and still learning from…

The hardest thing to date is letting go of preconceived ideas, this meaning ideas that have been conditioned with you since childhood… we have our own perception of how things should be when ultimately we are setting ourselves up for failure and disappiontment… Im not the only one that does this, we all do and the only way in which we can change this way of thinking is to let it go.

A persons perception is made up with their own life experiences and this being associated with a thing called FEAR…

Fear is the single misperception that allows you to think that you are not worthy enough or not good enough… and you continue to feed this perception by thinking that it must be true, right? But how wrong is that…

We attach negative thoughts to perception of fear to our self-worth, in truth as soon as you have let go of thinking this way self-acceptance sets in creating a path of wholeness and healing… fear no longer exists because you have stopped feeding it…

What you must remember is that our thoughts are very powerful, what you fear is what you attract, like attracts like so you must choose your way of thinking and change that single misperception that you are not good enough… and rid yourself of fear… once you learn to let go you start to understand that we have a thing called the unconditioned self… what is the unconditioned self, its your highest level of thought , it remains whole, worthy and well… shift happens whenever you choose to practice your unconditional self-acceptance. Shift happens whenever you give yourself a break. Shift happens whenever you choose kindness instead of judgement, forgiveness instead of self-attack, and laughter instead of condemnation. Life always gets better when you treat yourself better. Happiness is willing to be innocent again and letting go of fear….


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