Falling back into


I hear your voice on the other side

memories evolve brought back in time

Desperate to explain

Letting go of the pain

I feel how sorry you have become

You have now realized I mean more then some

Happy you are to have me in your life

Once ruled by a love that bites

Precious to you is what you call me

Now that things have become simple to see

Falling back into

Because you always knew

The lies you fed yourself

In order for your heart not to tell

Sorry are the words I hear you say now

They ring through my thoughts ever so loud

I dismiss falling back into

cause right now I’m not ready to choose

Patience has become a friend of mine

the time will come for me to shine

falling back into

This heart I have

there is where I keep myself strong and brave

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou © 2013



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