Life is an obstacle course!!!


Sometimes life has a funny way of pushing you down, testing you, testing your will, your ability to rise against, your patience and your virtue.

When things seem smooth sailing and great, it just so happens that a huge wave is actually forming and building itself up against you!

Why do these occurrences happen and why is our soul tested in so many ways?

It can be exhausting, and damn right not fair. If you step outside your minds eye for a minute and assess the situation perhaps only then can you get clearer clarity and gain a better perspective of the situation.

Life throws us curve balls every single day but its up to us how we choose to accept this challenge. 

The only way we can learn and grow as a person is to be placed in situations that enable us to better ourselves. What exactly is it that we are running from and why do we tend to build such a great big thick wall around our hearts to keep out any hurt that may occur.

Fear is a a huge obstacle course that takes us through a journey from the past. We hold onto it because we believe in our minds that we are not worthy of anything better. This fear is so built up that it has a life force all of its own disabling us to just be in the present, in the moment and to be at peace with ourselves.

It’s true and its very real, but what do you do when this ugly thing rears its disgusting head and tries to take control of your life? I could say face fear head on and move through it but it isn’t that easy. It takes time to recognize these emotions and what really triggers it off. If you are willing to work through it and admit that the past still haunts you then it’s the first step in disabling this emotion.

It’s hard and I know this first hand, but everything is a working progress and people will come into your life to show you or even make you aware without them knowing that improvement needs to be made with one self. A time for healing and a time for some honest truth with yourself.

I write this through my own experience and I have much work that needs to be done but I am grateful for opportunities in which have presented themselves and have given me a reality check.

You may loose some beautiful people in your life as a result of your fears, but those that are willing to see it through and be there at your worst are sure as anything deserving of you at your best.

lesson learnt!


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