It seems a little bit twisted
If you blink, you may have missed it
Caught there in between the lines
I’m not silly nor am I blind
You may have thought me as naive
But I come from a past that has taught me to see
Shame on you to mistake me as a fool
Blame yourself for looking like a tool
I’m the one now left standing tall
Because I know what it feels like to take a fall
Strong is what you become
through battles lost and battles won
You don’t come out of it being defeated
Gaining wisdom is far better greeted
Take the lesson and use it as a blessing
Life has a way and it likes testing
Overcome your fears
And needless to say what you face disappears
Turn your back now on what you no longer need
Plant and nourish those new found seeds
Watch them grow with the energy of loves deed
Bountiful is this new chapter in which Is created
In life I give much as Its celebrated

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou 2014



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