I’ve seen the likes of you before
One’s not enough, you want them all
Always seeking and looking for more
Like a cunning vulture scouting the floor

Your games are way too easy to see
I picked them apart and watch you flee
The challenge is on, are you ready to face me?
I’m ready to reveal your dirty deeds

I can clearly see the two faced people
You are nothing more then being sheeple
The smile you cast, it won’t last
You can’t hide behind that stupid mask

You act all innocent, pretty and nice
But I know you roll a fraudulent dice
You may have fooled the likes of a few
And they don’t have a bloody clue

Ill stand back and watch you come undone
It’s to your own tune that you’ve have sung
Choices you make that show your fake
I hope you learn from your mistake

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou 2014





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