Stand up


Shining bright an ever lasting light
Within you is exposed a beauty so right
It’s the outside of you that fails to tell
A story told to you that tries to sell
A fabricated lie that people let fly
Don’t buy into it, just let it slide
A society set up by evil deeds
Only to fulfil its own selfish needs
They belittle you to believe
Hiding things up their sleeve
Turn your back on those that try to hack
You don’t need to cop any of their flack
Surround yourself with those whom lift you up
This only happens when you had enough
Enough of the conspiring games
They hold nothing good but guilty shame
Block them out, shut them down
Only then will you hear the sound
The sound of you being true
They are few amongst us, be careful who you choose
Given way to the light of a new day
It’s only when you take control and had your say

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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