I feel that the condition bipolar needs a little more light shed on it.
I have a neighbours son whom Is going through a hard time of late.
He has his ups and downs and I feel for him. Unless you experience this first hand then you shouldn’t pass judgement nor put them in a class of “they are too much trouble, not worth the time”!
This sort of mentality is what starts to separate us as people, singling out those that actually need the most support and help.
A lot of people go on In life not even diagnosed of this condition and therefore not receiving the right treatment ,which in return would enable them to function better.
In many cases its stemmed from childhood, bulling is a contributing factor for a rapid decline in their mental state of mind.
Bipolar is also a product of kids having A.D.D or A.D.H.D in their younger years, it then develops into bipolar when they are well into their 20s.
I hold this topic close to me as I have experienced first hand what it’s like to be with someone with this condition. Unless they are willing to accept that something isn’t quite right and seek out professional help then its a case of denial.
This part is what hurts most because you can’t do anything if they aren’t willing to help themselves.
You actually become the enemy because you are what’s closest to them.

But not all is lost, the guy next door is on medication and he has only just come out of a messy separation and I must hand it to him, I have witnessed the positive changes in him already.
He came by today with a huge smile on his face and handed me a song he’s been working on as he was once a musician and only now has found his zest for it again.
He said to me that he has heard from a little bird that I’m a talented song writer,and would be honoured if I took s look at his work and give him feed back with lyric changes.

This in turn was an honour to me as songs can be quite personal to some people and by allowing me in this also shows me an insight to his scars.
As I read through the song it’s quite sad as its telling me of his story in detail.

The moral of this is that we need to show a little more empathy towards people and don’t be so quick to judge.
We all have our own story to tell, some harder then others.
At the end of the day if someone seeks help and you can see they genuinely need it then do it because you don’t know if you just saved a life by just being a sounding board or that support.
Depression and anxiety work in the same way, we have all been effected by this whether you are the one who is going through the suffering or are on the receiving end. In today’s society we find that more and more adults and children are effected. Learn the signs to watch out for and ask the simple question, you are ok?!
Our foods today have a lot to answer for as they too are contributing factors. Do your research and make the changes that are needed to start making a difference.

Not all hope is lost, there’s still a fighting chance.

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