Fuelled fire


Anger fuels my fire
Of that I once desired
I had loved you before
But now it’s an even score
You manipulated my heart
And you used me like a dart
You falsify the art of love
Prevent it from food and left it to starve
Games you choose to play
Always wanting the final say
Two wrongs don’t make a right
But You’re always looking for a fight
So over the way you use me like a tool
I’m no longer your silly fool
I see through all your vindictive plots
Take a bow because your act was a flop
A sense of pity replaces the thought of you
You obviously don’t have a bloody clue
I’m no longer the person you once knew
You wont recognise me because I am anew
I close the doors to something now that’s long ago
This is my act now and I have the opening show

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