Her own storm


imageHer own storm

Water droplets soak through to my core
Releasing a shiver unknown like ever before
The heavens have opened up with its downpour
Reminding me that it’s mother natures own law
Winds sweeping through leaving no leaf unturned
Whispering to me there’s more to be learnt
Thunder roars far in the distance
It was the lightening that came with her deliverance
Clouds rolling in turning all shades of darkness
Leaving in its wake a sense of starkness
An unstoppable rain that doesn’t look to cease
Looking to the earth for its release
Just as my soul journeys through its own storm
I flow with it until a new day is born
It’s about learning to dance through the rain
Even if you have to fight through the pain
One does not continue to evolve
If you refuse and reject the revolve
Growth comes even if you feel like your crash landing
You reach a new peak of self understanding
The storm that resides deep within you
Recognises that its all anew

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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