My Gypsy soul


EAE3238C-E234-4969-8F26-D2B0DACA18D4My gypsy soul

I have lived a gypsy life
Where I wonder the lands and all her sights
With splendour in my wake, and a rush surging through my veins
Looking upwards to the heavens and let my soul be washed with the rain
Careless surrender taken over my body and a calling in my heart
Taking in the beauty of nature, gifts unto me, I dare not be apart
Free as the birds of the sky, gliding through the air
I look down to see the earth beneath my feet, standing there so bare
The winds whispers in my ear, child you are home now, there’s no need to fear
I reach out to touch the trees that surround me, Oh I am ever so near
Blissful rapture takes me gently into her stride
I feel them surround me, they had never left my side
I am home now, a love I feel like never before
This feeling is addictive and leaves me wanting more
I’m at peace, I know this because I feel it right down to the core…

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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