Silenced Mind


I silence the mind as I seek to find
A moments breath that was hidden in time
Chosen to prevail in order to unveil
A love that is there as I begin to share
Sometimes you come to a cross roads
Which way to turn, a story to be told
The lessons that are placed, were there to be retraced
Sometimes it’s our own demons that we face
At times we lose the battle and other times we are strong enough to tackle
This life that takes me on a road less traveled
In my rhymes my words become unraveled
I have no need to run or to hide
My silenced mind gives me clarity to find
I know I love you and it’s you I choose
Because nothing that’s not ventured has too much to loose
As I have found my way back to you again
Together we will walk, together hand in hand

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou


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