Are you in love or outta love?


It’s kind of ironic, I’ve been hearing far too often nowadays that more people break up because they no longer are “in love” they love the person but it’s not the same.
I personally think that’s a cop out.
Dynamics do change in any given relationship.
Your attitude is what matters in this instant!
So what makes a relationship go the distance?
Here’s my take on the topic, I’ve been in some good and not so good relationships, they have taught me a great deal, but I look to my parents as role models.
Sure they had their ups and downs, but the real challenge is when the going gets tough, when the relationship is hardest hit and this is where you either stick it out as a team or go your own separate ways.
Sure enough if a relationship is unhealthy for you then yes respect yourself first to acknowledge that it’s best to part.
But if the love is truly there and there’s a mutual respect, why then not stick it out?!
People tend to give up too easily these days, that’s were the problem lays!
It’s important to keep courting one another, keep the spark alight and remember not to loose your self identity in the relationship.
Be yourself, and keep recreating who you are. If you are in a good healthy relationship then your partner will support you no matter what, and vise versa!

I believe if you are onto a good thing, then it’s worth the fight no matter what. Communication and validation of one another does ultimately safe your relationship when the going gets tough.

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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