Acceptance or resistance


Accepting people for whom they are and not trying to shape them into someone their not is where a lot of relationships either fail or conquer, depending on your acceptance or resistance.
Consequently when we hold high expectations of another and OUR expectations are not met then we only have fooled ourselves into thinking that what our minds have idealistically conjured up is in fact a false illusion.
There’s certain qualities that we look for in someone, when looking too hard and being judgemental we then disappoint ourselves. Nobody is perfect, we are all here experiencing what life has on offer to us, we attract the lessons in which we are required to learn and how we choose to handle things/obstacles and challenges is based on the realisation that we can’t hold other people accountable for the way we project our feelings onto them. It’s safe to say that it’s up to us to face our own fears, our own demons and not allow the thought process of ego to take control.
If failed relationships are stacking up against you, then perhaps it’s time you looked at your past patterning and make some life changes.
Work through heart as opposed to head…
Use your wisdom but don’t allow pride to hold you back in life!

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou 2015 image

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