My 3 reasons


With tears in my eyes I write this
I send it off with a kiss
When something comes to end
There’s no more need to pretend
They say things come in threes
I didn’t realise that it would bring me down to my knees
A friendship salvaged, a friendship lost and A friendship broken
It comes from my lips with these words that are spoken
Lessons that have presented themselves in this thing called life
How betrayal can cut you deep with a knife
Dear friends how I have valued you in my journey
But the distance ahead now looks blurry
There comes a reason, a season and a lifetime of harvesting
You friend that betrayed me was for a reason
You’ve now become the end of my season
It’s taught me to respect myself enough to end our story,
Your sorry ain’t enough to win you glory
You friend that let our friendship go after 10 years of seasons
A friendship broken there’s no more pleasing
You’ve become my reason to let you go in return,
From you friend I have learned
You friend who salvaged our friendship have become my lifetime
Fighting for something you believe in stands the test of time
Yes things do come in threes and mine all came at once
Listen to your gut instinct and never loose trust
My lessons learnt have taught me a great deal about who I am
Being honourable with myself and here I stand

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou 2015

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