Monthly Archives: January 2016

Life is limitless


For all the thoughts I have lay hidden deep within
It’s my comfort zone that feels safe there under my skin
But it’s my words that aren’t spoken that hold me back from life
Trying to find a way to rid my pain but all it brings me is strife
How the days roll on without you no longer here
It’s hard to establish exactly, cause the emptiness Is what I fear
But you come to me with your little telltale signs
In my dreams you are alive, Its there that  I finally find
Just a reminder that you have never really left my side
You father, evoke the love in all that I do and see
No longer held captive as a prisoner, I am finally set free
words that are now spoken, they were laid hidden for so long
Just a reminder dad that things come and then they are gone
Life as you would grow to know, sometimes seems a little unfair
But unless you are willing to challenge yourself on this journey, a question asked, do you dare?
There is meaning to life and there is meaning to death
Just like a new born when its taking its first breath
Because life itself does become limitless, When you go beyond your boundaries and value the importance of what life has blessed …

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou 2016image