Monthly Archives: August 2016

Smile with a grin


imageSometimes you may feel as if your life is crashing all around
Sometimes you feel like your knees are brought down to the ground
It’s in these times that one must rise above
Knowing that this is all done through the power of love
Train of thought is something that is taught
Even in the bleakest of days the battle can be fought
Negativity doesn’t serve anyone well
And I know at times it’s hard to tell
Defining your life and how you should lead it
When one remains authentic to themselves
It becomes easier to admit
Truth of self becomes more apparent
When you start to see life so clear and transparent
Live for the now and in this moment
Savour the day and remain focused
Draw breath on the positive from within
Be sure to look at life and smile with a grin

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou 2016



imageSeasons come as they shift through change
Winter nights set in without exchange
The coolness of the air lingers outside
Leaving no escape and nothing to hide
Where once there were golden leaves
Are now nowhere to be seen
Standing bare the branches so serene
A knowing of something that has been
The trees deeply rooted into the ground

Stages of life,  a mystery to be found
Just as we journey ourselves anew
Shedding our skins that we outgrew
Our seasons will come with each passing page
Because life creates when we’re engaged….

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou