Her pledge


IMG_0883.JPGWater swells around her feet
Cold to the touch as they meet
The new day rises over the oceans horizon
Her eyes reflecting its enlightenment
Blissful energy in its wake
As the sun overhead starts to break
Glistening droplets on her skin
Reminding of a time that has once been
Waves continue to roll into one another
Different shades of blue show their colour
Her happy place is by the waters edge
And unto herself she holds this pledge
May I always see the good in all things
No matter the lessons, my heart will always continue to sing
There’s no greater feeling then that of love
Born into this world, I will rise above
A gift bestowed deep within me
I’ll never neglect who I’m meant to be
She looks out with a smile upon her face
It’s this life of hers that’s embraced

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou 2017

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