Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Hindered curse


IMG_2882.JPGThe Hindered cursed

Cursed are you that project bad thoughts
Hindered by your jealousy and over ruled with fraught
Your witchcraft losses strength when faced up with me
A loosing battle is all you’ll ever see
Archangel Michael is by our side
Watching over us and protected by his blue light
So go ahead, try with all your might
But your evil eye will be rejected, no match for a fight
You can continue to wallow in your own sorrow
Your lies and deceits trying to play refuge as you seek
A way to play your hand in your cunning games
May you hang your head down in disgraceful shame
You no longer have power to dictate our fate
It’s all over now, you’re far too late
Victory is won with those of pure heart
Give over to the archangels, and the power of love
We are guided by light and our minds remain clear
So try with all that you will cause we in the end have nothing to fear
May you find peace within yourself
And all I can do is wish you well …

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou