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When life gives you moments to think about
Good and bad, the ups the downs and the things we ultimately doubt
When full circle comes to a head
We look back at the lives we’ve lead
The guilt of doing wrong and the lessons we knew all along
The things we let slide because there’s no point dying inside
The lies were told and the truths we hold
When you pick yourself up and you try to love
Having happiness in your grasp and then life hits you like a slap
At times you can be down and out
Seeking to find yourself and having to shout
When loosing sense of who you are
Venturing out on a path that allows you to look at the stars
You question all the indecencies in the world
Shaking your head you have only yourself to tell
Finding your grounding, because there’s more to you then your surroundings
When positive overtakes your negatives
You choose your own perspectives
How you view your outcome, is how you allow yourself to deal with whatever may come
Continue to walk on your life’s journey , remind yourself that gratitude is truly worthy…


Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou 2018


Wuthering heights


Wuthering heights, sky blue nights
Within you a yawning, watch for those
In the distance beyond there’s a calling
Listen to the sound of the rain that’s falling
The wisdom of the old owl that watches over your shoulder
In your bare hands you become the beholder
Marvel in the ways that you learn to surrender
Given over to the birth of all its splendour
Time of reflection, heading for new directions
A chapter in life that now sees you aligned
All in the beauty of love that has come alive


Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou868D60CC-B113-4429-A53A-89338DDF058D