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Greece Elláda


Greece, Elláda

Glorious in her golden vines
The roots of so long ago are entwined
Sacred in the land of beauty and grace
The olives thrive rich with the suns embrace
The richness of culture that lures you in
Of places I’ve seen and treasures begin
Her strength has conquered those who try to invade
Standing proud, a spade with a spade
She marks her name in which it lays
Rising up against day after day
Claiming all that’s upon her lands
White washed buildings identifies her clans
Both in past and now in the moment, a present gift in bestowment
Clear blue waters surround her shores
Leaving one wanting more to explore
Gaining recognition and honoured by the Gods
A name given to her with an auditorium applause
Greece, Elláda, a motherland to many
You give in abundance, your love is full and it is plenty.

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou