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You and Me


You and Me

We now are face to face
There’s no rules left to trace
All odds from the past were stacked against us
We fought through life, our will was a must
The stories of old, the memories we’ve told
Through the corridors I’m sure our paths crossed
Given into chance, but that chance was lost
Who would have known our 2 degrees of separation
It wasn’t until a number of years later we met on that occasion
The toxic people we now leave behind
In this second coming we’ve come to find
An innocence that’s so real and raw
We can be ourselves, all our scars and flaws
With nothing to hide
We both have a motivation to come alive
It’s you and me
And how it should always continue to be
Truth being said, to grow in love is the best way to feel free

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

wheels in motion


My wheels are in motion

Always going onward with this notion

Along the way a collection of emotions

People come and people go

Sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow

I steady my pace and learn to go with the flow

Life passes you by,  you got to learn to how to grow

 And be brave enough to let things go

There’s many layers to me

Only few are brave enough to see

Its the wheels in motion that keep pushing me forward

                             One foot in front of the other, its what my hearts ordered

Happy to love and happy to live

Even when I have once been on the verge to give in

Rivers run wide and oceans run deep

    Its in my wheels of motion that I seek

  The words that I long to speak

   Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou