Patience will test your virtue


Patience will test your virtue
Have you ever had situations unfold that require your patience and that patience is tested in many ways,shapes and forms until you feel yourself at breaking point?
Sure you have, ah and what a virtue to master!
I have learnt (or still learning) that when you set limits on yourself and allow that mind of yours to start controlling your thought process then this creates unnecessary stress and anxiety.
Why do we feel the need to control things that aren’t in our control? Because we fear an outcome that we may not feel comfortable with or isn’t in our mind favourable.
The word control is a word I dislike, it’s negative and it’s limiting. You limit yourself when you try to control all that isn’t in your control. It’s as simple as that!
Finding your patience and being rewarded with virtue comes only when you learn to stop trying to control what is inevitable. Things will happen, shit will unfold and all you can try to master is your patience and your attitude towards the outcome. It becomes your virtue because you’ve allowed yourself to become limitless, and being limitless is creating new ways to be without boundaries you have set upon yourself with the misconceptions of trying to control the outcomes.
What will be will be, trust the process and enjoy the journey… there’s always a silver lining!

~Elizabeth PozoglouC4010344-00DB-46A8-A830-9CB401A0EB12

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