3765BEB8-F341-4DA7-8604-87EBB847E1DB.jpegAllow me to share a story with you
One that will tell you in detail of this village I have grown to know
Where the windmills stand tall on the hills above
The people below live with a labour of love
Winds that blow through and rustle the leaves
The birds that sing because it believes
Lush forrest of green that surrounds this town
The trees that are grown are olive’s that are brown
A grand church that’s made by hand from granite stone
It’s bells that ring remind you that you’re not alone
Where the people you meet along the streets
Smile and wave at you as a way to greet
The bakery who’s aroma can be smelt from afar
Along the way you come across a little beer bar
Cats and dogs are overflowed in the towns centre
They make you want to reach out and hold them so tender
Let me tell you a little more about the people that are the occupants
They take you in with love, their smiles are full as their eyes dance
You’re fed to the point of no return
Stomach so full you can hear it churn
The wine comes in its abundance
Always filled to the rim if you leave it to chance
An afternoon sleep is much needed for recovery
Waking up anew ready for more discovery
The name of this town shares its history of the past
Proud of its roots it’s Vlachokerasea

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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