weighing up the worth


42D7A57C-349C-4261-8CFE-F76882D86091At times you got to weigh up what’s worth it
If you give too much, then you find yourself adrift
Is there such a thing as a balanced equation ?
Mind games play a role when there’s acts of persuasion
The headspace that consumes way too much
Letting go of shit that doesn’t weigh up
The yin and the yang, the two that blend
How simple it would be if two souls sang
Searching all four corners of the earth
Trying to find the one that gives it worth
Questions that tend to lead us astray, are the ones we conjure up rather then leaving it to come what may
Try to lead by the heart rather then the mind, Then perhaps one day you will find
All that resonates within your soul, is what truly makes it whole.
Weighing up the beauty of an authentic love, a balanced act when one becomes worthy of ….

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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