The subtle art of not giving a fu#k


C9348402-A49E-48A9-BE03-8B50123E6F20The subtle art of not giving a fu#k

In summary there are things in life to give a fu#k about and others that are non deserving of our fu#ks given.
Wasting your energy on needless things in my opinion are total life zappers.
How we perceive things, situations and obstacles ultimately set us up on how we choose to react or act, given the amount of fu#k we give to the current problem.
And trust me problems we occur throughout the whole existence of your life span and we may not be the cause of the problem but it’s presented itself before us and our duty of care is to own it.
How much we’re willing to partake in the problem again comes back to how much we give a fu#k about it.
Determining what feels right or wrong again comes down to owning it and moving through it. How you scale your values is a direct result of your own experiences, you know your limits, you know your worth and by now you should know the amount of fu#k level given.
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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