I love you but I love me more


28393AA8-1764-44CB-BFA4-489D1B6B8282.jpegI love you but I love me more
We are only human and we’ve all got flaws
When you decided to put others first
It was you I wanted, your love I had thirst
Your choice of action was to lie and betray me
All I wanted from you was your honesty
The truth could have set you free
I searched deep within your eyes, trying to find something, anything there so we wouldn’t die
You hurt me to a depth of pain that I tried to hide
But the more your lies deepened, I couldn’t allow that to slide
You’re haunted by a past that never leaves your mind
A road you chose to go down, now there is no peace for you to find
I walked into your life giving you a light that you have never seen
But you gave that all away the moment you couldn’t come clean
I now walk out of your life leaving you in the dark
One day you may learn to realise your mistake and hopefully take off your mask
All I ever wanted and hoped for you was good and real
You’ve got to understand that in life you got to face what you really feel
I wish one day we can talk once again
Until such time I hope that you try to mend
I close this chapter in my life for now
It’s because I chose me and that’s the way it’s got to be somehow
I loved you but I love me more
Perhaps you’ll wake up to yourself before I close the door

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

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