C9BDDB2B-9607-441C-BAB7-F084F51575D6.jpegThey say keep your circle tight
Keep those that are worth it within your sight
Trust the few that have your back
They will never allow your bonded friendship to ever slack
They hold you up when you’re at life’s lowest point
Knowing that the support you have will not ever disappoint
In the good times, they share in your joys and laughter
Their hope for you is a happily ever after
When you’re faced with your own down and out’s
Fear not for they will unclear all of your doubts
A love of friendship that has unified in strength
They will be there till the very end
On your side they will defend
When you come across people like this in your life
Be sure to hold them close, right there by your side
Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou 2018

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