Live in the moment


What’s it like to live in the moment ?
To be free of your thoughts, a gift of bestowment?!
To no longer be bound to a past that haunts you
We tend to latch onto our fears, but if only we knew
That if we were to let go and be in the here and now
We can conquer our demons and get through it somehow
The jumbled stories we tell ourselves are only in our heads
We take our troubles with us as we lay in our beds
How can it be that we allow this to consume our lives
If only we find the strength within to overcome these lies
To be in the moment is learning to understand That we are not the product of our past that has tried to shape us
It’s all in our will, and that we must trust
On this trail of life, we awaken anew and let go of the old
We can no longer buy into the stories that we were once told

They are out fragments of our ego that were sold
How life can we a better sweet careless endeavour
A happiness resides when you’re in the moment of today’s treasure…
Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou


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