Monthly Archives: December 2018

Beacon of light


Don’t ever compromise who you are to bend to another’s rules
At the end of the day you’re the one who’s been taken for a fool
When people’s opinion start to cloud your mind
It’s time to let go because inside you you’ll find
A loveliness about you that is raw and true
You learn to disregard those thoughts that tried to disguise themselves like a hue
If lies have been told and a story put out to be sold
Trust your intuition, it will never leave you out in the cold
If someone offends and tries to belittle you
Just know that their stupidity really doesn’t have a clue
Stand strong with your virtue even if they try to bring you down
It’s Athena rising within you that will hold you steady on the ground
As long as you grasp onto your beliefs
You will leave no room for vultures or the thief’s
You know who you are, never loose sight
Be a beacon for them and a casting light

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou26636694-D61F-4365-A3AA-AC94DC7C897D