You’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s ok


4e5509e6-e892-4b68-a00f-8da5ca38c165You’re not everyone’s cup of tea

I read a really nice piece on “you’re not everyone’s cup of tea”. We all love being liked, adored, needed, and loved. And then there will suddenly come along an individual, who will simply not like you. And no matter what you do to convince them that you are wonderful and have value, they will simply not like you. what you need to recognise is that you are wonderful and if they can’t see it, it’s their loss, not yours.
It’s their problem that something limits them from accessing and acknowledging the good in you. However, the problem is that you want to be liked by everyone, and now, that becomes your problem, not theirs. Instead of investing time, energy and effort into those that do love you, you focus more on being liked by those that don’t.
The quote says, “Don’t waste your finite time and heart trying to convince those who will simply not like you that you have value. They will miss it completely. They won’t buy what you are selling. Don’t try to convince them to walk your path with you, because you will only waste your time and your emotional good health. You are not for them and they are not for you. You are not their cup of tea, and they are not yours. Politely wave them along and move away as well. Seek to share your path with those who recognise and appreciate your gifts, who you are!!! Be who you are. You are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s Ok!!!”.
There are many of you live with in-laws, want to be liked by them and get frustrated that no matter how hard you try, they just don’t. If you’re a good person, who is sensitive, respectful and kind, that’s all that matters. If they can’t recognise, appreciate and value that, is it your problem or theirs?
Their non-recognition will upset you, irritate you and then you will in turn, in some manner, show your hurt, which puts them on the defensive, and then friction is created. So, it’s a self-defeating exercise to “try” beyond a point. Appreciate the good in them, and let them know you like them.
Simply be likeable and so wonderful that they will gravitate to the warmth and positivity. Don’t let the desire to be important, loved and liked control you. Just be you, wonderful you! that’s all that really matters.

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