Gypsy Wondering soul


She began to understand that attachment no longer served her
Letting go of all her prior beliefs, they now have become a blur
Her perception shifting through the folds of life itself
Allowing a new way to be,she was truly compelled
A gypsy wondering soul, her spirit being free to explore
Searching for her truth and being left to wonder even more
She is a protector of what is just and that which she believes to be right
The owl explores for wisdom deep into the night
It whispers in her ear the tales of ancient times
When the sun and the moon have become aligned
She no longer has a need to run from all that engulfs her mind
Facing them with her bravery, from within her it’s the strength she finds
Creating a world that she does not feel the need to reject
Instead she finds solace as her soul inwardly reflects
Learning that life is a gift, a blessing, a moment in the presence
Giving love freely to those worthy, even after their evanescence
Learning that ones reaction towards her is a reflection of themselves
Only they can take ownership of their behaviour in order to excel
She loves fiercely with an integrity to call her own
Through her experiences of loving one she is shown
When the going gets tough and you feel like you’re stuck
See it through with devotion because life isn’t built on luck
As her journey takes the unbeaten track
This gypsy soul has no need to look back…

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou

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