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Solving the riddle of the Elephant


I have recently spoken about addressing the elephant in the room in my last blog and trying to solve what I feel has become an epidemic. On a daily basis, everywhere that I seem to be or look I am affected by more and more people dealing with depression, anxiety or some form of mental illness. Perhaps I’m just so in tune with peoples emotions that I am picking up on their energy and with this it has brought me to the frontline and confronting it head on. Im by no means a saviour, nor am I one to recuse another, but I do believe that part of my life’s journey is to mirror back what lies within another person and making them aware of what may lay dormant. Those unresolved thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep resurfacing but are yet to find a resolution or even coming to peace with their own demons.

There’s so many close to me right now that are battling with their own demons, demons that are all in their mind and the mind has a funny way of taking control of your life and your emotions. Ultimately if you don’t learn to control the mind the result ends up being that the emotions run the show.

The problem then lies that we loose the battle and allow it to become king, the battle then goes to another level and you find yourself in a dark place where you keep feeding those thoughts and then those emotions grow larger than life.

Im about to embark on this topic and dive a little deeper with it, because the question you need to be asking yourself is why this is occurring more and more so now, where exactly are its original roots and why are so many suffering as a result?

I truly believe that we are all here to help one another in some way, shape or form. That our existence has been so far removed from our true purpose and that in order to find a solution we really need to come back to perception of truth.

Perception is your reality, and another person has their own perception of their reality which is their truth. How we see things, how we experience them and how we perceive them creates our world. When we remain open minded this then allows us to see from another persons point of view or simply put their perception and this is where we can learn from one another.

Im using this as an example because it relates back to your childhood and how our reality was created based on our experiences, our environment, our upbringing. With this comes our freewill which in other words is our choices in life. Choice comes down to thought process and how we have conditioned our minds to think, feel and act/react. Our past experiences whether they be bad or good sets us up for how we make future choices.

In order to know bad from good, you first need to experience what bad and good are to you. Your perception plays its role now and the reality is set. Lets just say that you have experienced something bad in your life and that conjured up an emotion within you, you then hold that experience as a red flag, that red flag then becomes your reality, so later on in life if an experience that resembles that red flag resurfaces again then your perception believes its reliving it all over again. Choice then comes into play, do you act or react? Then lesson says to you, ‘How are you going to play this one out”?

On the flip side, you’ve experienced something good in your life and the beauty with this is that with bad comes good because one cannot live without the other.  You can’t create your reality without experiencing both ends of the spectrum, and with these opposing occurrences in life one learns to know everything from that being emotions, feelings and experiences is in fact relevant to each other.

This vicious circle will keep recurring because the lesson is still yet to be learnt. When we break that cycle and change our perception thats when our mind shifts. Welcome to life!


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The elephant in the room with the riddle now has a choice of whether it wants to be solved!

part 3 will continue in my next blog.

Written by

Elizabeth Pozoglou


Addressing the elephant in the room


AC3075C2-8EAD-4581-9AEB-704170A2C235.jpeg Depression

Part 1: Addressing the Elephant in the room.

This topic has been at the forefront of my life lately. Depression. It’s real and it’s raw.
I want to talk openly about it because it’s affecting many people that are extremely close to me and I feel compelled to address the elephant in the room.
There will come a time where one will experience a very low state of mind in their lives, the thing is that it is a part of us whether we want it to be or not.
Depression stems from many factors throughout our lives and to better understand it we must accept that its real. Recognising it is the first step to heal from it and learning to manage it when it arises allows us to rise above it.
As I said it stems from many factors, but from the most part it comes from childhood, what we were lead to believe and how we were conditioned to think, how we were raised and the environment we grew up in.
It also could stem from genetics that has been passed down from generation to generation.
Being exposed to drugs and alcohol or making poor life choices. All of these factors are concluded to the source of what contributes to depression.

The problem that lays dormant is that people are either too afraid to admit that they suffer in some form or another or too embarrassed to talk about it.
As the saying goes, it takes courage to change peoples hearts.
I use this saying because we are so closed off to those that are important to us. We don’t want to let them down or be a burden, so instead we choose to close our hearts.
What people lack is communication, expression and openness and a sense of feeling safe. Why? Because it would mean that they would first have to let down their guard and become vulnerable.
If only we were a little bit braver and to start to strip back our layers and begin the healing process. To then be the first in this generation to allow for the next generations to come to be more vulnerable to a cause that affects each and everyone of us.
It does take courage but with that courage comes change and with that change comes an impeccable strength from within.

Starting the conversation about the realities of mental health is good – continuing it, is vital. Let’s talk about the elephant in room! Together, let’s breakdown the stigma surrounding mental health.

Part 2 to follow …

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou