A woman’s moral rights


E26FADD0-8EF1-4EF7-95FE-DFEA08FC424BSometimes you think you know somebody until they show you the monster they really are. It’s unjust to think that it’s ok in a relationship that cheating and lying will be tolerated, it’s unjust to think that abuse is ok because you got caught out. It’s not ok , period!!!

Nobody should ever endure the physical force of another’s hands to cause bodily harm to your own body.
Wasn’t it enough that the lies and cheating caused me enough emotional pain but your hands told yet another story as I’m still healing from the aftermath of your abuse.

I’ve just become a victim of domestic violence, and that isn’t ok.

What is ok  although is to speak out about my ordeal because what I deem morally right is justice. Justice for what you have put me through as the narcissists that you are.

Somehow I will get through this, it may be an upward battle, I may have to face the trauma you have just put me through and the trust that you have stripped away from me is going to take a lifetime to heal. I maybe bruised and broken but above that I’m a saviour. #saynotodomesticviolence

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