The narcissist


D657D000-2B35-428B-9684-6AB54384329B.jpegHe will charm his way into your life
Proclaiming his love, babies,marriage but they are all lies

He will paint you a picture of all the women in his life to be crazed
Even to the point in convincing you that he’s still being chased

He won’t have just one lover at a time
You can guarantee he’s got more, like four or five

Sweetheart don’t think you are his special one
You’re just his next victim and to him it’s all just fun

You’ll hear of the story that the first one betrayed him and left him out to dry
The ones that came after her we’re crazy and without him they would die

But wait there’s more in this tale that’s flawed
Oh how the charmer likes yo charm but really he is a fraud

The ghosting,
The gaslighting
And the stringing along ultimately steals the show
Oh how he uses his words well, and oh how they flow

He’ll invite you into his home
Plays happy families and there you are shown

That his tangle of lies start to work around your fragile heart
He knows the game well, with this he is smart

Beware that you don’t catch him out in a lie
The mask he wears is cunning and ever so sly

If you unravel his web or try to escape
He’ll be back again playing the role of innocence

But believe me when I tell you it is all fake
Look out for number one for heavens sakes

He’ll take what he can get then discard you without care
But don’t blame yourself cause he was never one to play fair

He’s the narcissist who preys on his victims vulnerability
But justice will be served and he will need to take accountability.

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou

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