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We are all part of the “I am”

Some ponder on its name

It really doesn’t matter because it all leads to the same

Some wonder about its mystery

It’s the stories of old told from our history

We go in search for it’s higher meaning

Messages come to us whilst we’re dreaming

It’s the light we see when we feels it’s dark

The shallows fall away with a single spark

You’ll hear the “I am” when you listen to the truth

Look around you, the “I am” surrounds us with it’s proof

You can call out to it from the highest mountain top

Or you can reach out and feel its presence as  your knees drop

If you silence your mind long enough

The “I am” will talk to you with all its love

You have no need to feel any fear

Always know that it’s never far but ever so near

“I am” is a part of you and it’s also a part of me

Sometimes you just got to let it all go and set yourself free

There’s no need to run nor a need to hide

Leave yourself open, the “I am” doesn’t lie

We are connected through space and time

Evolution has brought us all here, we were all meant to shine

Like the stars above and the earth below

Like waters on the lands, they just flow

Like the winds that carry wisdom as it blows

Like the fires that keep us warm

We all learn to transform

The sun sets and the moon rises

Life is always full of surprises

The “I am” is all that there is and all that will ever be

The “I am is you and the “I am” is me.

Written by

Elizabeth Pozoglou