Monthly Archives: November 2021

May the winds carry you


The art of learning is that all good things do come to an end. But the testing part is trying to convince the ego that it’s ok to let that part of us go. The ego wants to attach itself to something that is no longer there.

As soon as you accept that this is all part of life the sooner you come to realise that hurtful emotions can no longer keep you anchored in the past anymore.

So raise your sails and let the winds carry you forth.

Elizabeth Pozoglou



Gratitude is an integral part of life.

We have become fast absorbed in a society that places conditions on us, how we should look, feel, act and live. Is this really sustainable?

Why are we so fixated on this way of being when in truth we are so far removed from what our true soul purpose is.

I for one have been fortunate enough not to fall victim to these “conditions”. One which passes judgement on you if you don’t “fit” in.

Who cares what model of car you drive, what labels you have in your wardrobe, what suburb you live in, what social status you obtain.

What is ultimately more important then having to maintain a facade that’s not your true authentic self is in fact living from the core essence of who you really are.

Get out, breathe in the fresh air, get in touch with nature, take a swim in the oceans waves, feel the earth beneath your bare feet, have the sun kiss your lips, listen to the sounds of our wildlife, have the wind sweep through your hair, take an adventure with no destination in mind and enjoy the journey along the way. Spend time with your kids, they don’t stay young forever, say no to taking on more work and give yourself a break, be in the moment with those that matter most because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

That’s living, to feel yourself, to feed your soul and to be completely transparent and free… Above all else have gratitude that you are blessed with a life that doesn’t place conditions on you when you don’t allow it to.

The choices you make are yours alone, sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever…

~Elizabeth Pozoglou