A man’s act


They say to watch for a man’s actions for there you’ll seek the truth

Words become flimsy when tainted along with an act of strewth

And life at times can become so predictable

People try to find strength in the words of the biblical

Choosing between what is wrong and that which is right

All to uncover that it comes down to fight or flight

Standing your ground to have your voice heard

Even when you are cast out and you’re judged for sounding absurd

It matters not of what the people think of you

Live your life and choose those noble of the few

You will be misunderstood regardless of the false convictions

It’s in these moments you rise up from your crucifixions

Your legacy will be left behind

But only to be told at story time

So leave your mark and your bravery unscathed

Know it was your actions of love that has saved

Written by

Elizabeth Pozoglou


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