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C9BDDB2B-9607-441C-BAB7-F084F51575D6.jpegThey say keep your circle tight
Keep those that are worth it within your sight
Trust the few that have your back
They will never allow your bonded friendship to ever slack
They hold you up when you’re at life’s lowest point
Knowing that the support you have will not ever disappoint
In the good times, they share in your joys and laughter
Their hope for you is a happily ever after
When you’re faced with your own down and out’s
Fear not for they will unclear all of your doubts
A love of friendship that has unified in strength
They will be there till the very end
On your side they will defend
When you come across people like this in your life
Be sure to hold them close, right there by your side
Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou 2018

Hurt people Hurt people


345B1516-6F90-4619-8755-20580F579C91I keep reminding myself this. It’s a hard lesson, wrought with frustration because when people hurt us our first instinct is fuck-you-to-the-moon and back type anger. Get off my lawn with your projections and pure potent BS.

When there are people in our lives that don’t want to stop blaming us for their pains. When they seem to not care a whisper about how hard we tried to offer loving kindness. When there’s nothing left for us to do except to let them go and face the backlash of fury and spite. We’ve all been there, and not reacting and taking offense is undeniably fucking hard. Especially when you really did do your best, but your best will never be good enough.

Unleashing anger on to others only causes more pain for ourselves in the end. Everywhere we look people are offended. Post an alternative article on a popular outlet and witness the personal outcries of the offended. We take the projections of others as if they are a direct attack on us, even more so when it’s someone we know well that’s acting maliciously.

It takes strength and courage to take a step back and remind ourselves: Other people’s reactions are not about us, they are about them.

Our reactions stem from past experiences that lead us to assumptions that we firmly believe as truth.

Bottom line: They might not be truth. They may just be preconceived notions projected onto others in order to protect one’s ego.

The most hurt and traumatized among us will do anything to protect what little self-respect is left. This is how reality becomes contorted. The looking glass morphs into something more like one of those funky mirrors they have in haunted clown houses at the carnival.

People will believe whatever version of reality serves their belief system. If the hurt person’s partner leaves because they were abusive and but they don’t want to face that, they’ll make up a story that they left because they were in love with someone else and cheating on them the whole time. They’ll repeat their version of reality to themselves as many times as is needed to believe it wholeheartedly.

Bottom line: The go-to coping mechanism hurt people embody is to rationalize their reactions by creating stories that make those actions seem A-OK.
What weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.

When you’re on the receiving end of this type of rhetoric your sanity depends on not taking offense. Taking offense is pointless. People unconsciously cast projections of their own self-loathing on to others as a sort of survival mechanism.

If I hold up a mirror every time I shun another person or cast blame, I can clearly see that who I’m really angry at is myself.

If we’re at peace with ourselves, we don’t feel the need to spew venomous emotions on to those around us. But if the opposite is occurring and we’re experiencing constant inner turmoil and self-doubt then it makes sense that we want to feel less alone in our suffering. And so we cause others to suffer. Because nobody wants to be alone at the proverbial pity party.

Drama is highly addictive. It causes a surge of extremely intense hormones to slurp our rational logic through its big ass straw of reaction. It’s easier to react than it is to respond. We cannot respond from a place of logic let alone compassion when cortisol is surging through our bodies and our hearts are closed up in a self-imposed prison cell. We will not find forgiveness from marinating in our hot bath of angry memories and offenses done to us.

Peace only comes when we’re able to get quiet and remember that the pains inflicted upon us weren’t a result of us necessarily. They were a reaction from another person who wasn’t able to respond, and in turn reacted, however their gnarly and deluded reptilian brain saw fit.

Each of us has lived a unique life. We’ve endured our own sets of struggles and successes. Some of us have had life-long stability, and for others walking the path of life has always been wobbly and close to the edge. What we don’t know is the depth of connotations that each person has with different experiences. Tip toeing around another person’s edges out of fear of how they’ll react is no way to live life. Allowing our own ego to get tripped the fuck out when someone projects their word vomit onto us is hard not to do. It’s an ongoing practice of releasing other people’s shit and owning our own.

We all have these invisible wounds and we’ll do anything to avoid them being touched. We’ll run as fast as we can from the negative emotions we encounter in ourselves. Dare someone else accidentally touch our wounds, we act as if they caused them. But, they didn’t cause them, and they cannot heal them.

We’ll project as much of it onto others as we possibly can before realizing that they are our wounds and we have the power to heal them. Others can only help us to bring up what we haven’t healed in ourselves.

When we look at it from this perspective, how can there still be blame and fury cast towards those that bring up our shadows? Instead, we could replace our resentment with compassion for ourselves and those who hurt us. Because they are hurt, and unconsciously trying to get others to strengthen their paradigm of pain is the opposite direction of turning towards the path of healing and growth.

I know it’s fucking hard. Reacting is a million times easier than responding. When we feel attacked, it’s instinctual to put our backs up against the wall. But it’s not a long-term strategy for coping with hurt. We need to look at the bigger picture and when we do empathy can exist. Until then, the hurt just spreads like wildfire with a big old bucket of compassion waiting within us to put that fire out.

I love you but I love me more


28393AA8-1764-44CB-BFA4-489D1B6B8282.jpegI love you but I love me more
We are only human and we’ve all got flaws
When you decided to put others first
It was you I wanted, your love I had thirst
Your choice of action was to lie and betray me
All I wanted from you was your honesty
The truth could have set you free
I searched deep within your eyes, trying to find something, anything there so we wouldn’t die
You hurt me to a depth of pain that I tried to hide
But the more your lies deepened, I couldn’t allow that to slide
You’re haunted by a past that never leaves your mind
A road you chose to go down, now there is no peace for you to find
I walked into your life giving you a light that you have never seen
But you gave that all away the moment you couldn’t come clean
I now walk out of your life leaving you in the dark
One day you may learn to realise your mistake and hopefully take off your mask
All I ever wanted and hoped for you was good and real
You’ve got to understand that in life you got to face what you really feel
I wish one day we can talk once again
Until such time I hope that you try to mend
I close this chapter in my life for now
It’s because I chose me and that’s the way it’s got to be somehow
I loved you but I love me more
Perhaps you’ll wake up to yourself before I close the door

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

Why trusting someone is just as important (if not more) than loving someone.



People consider “I love you” one of the hardest things to tell someone. Those three simple words can leave one tongue-tied, shocked, flushed, elated, or all those things at once. The first time you say it, you’re choking on your words struggling to get them out, but soon enough “I love you” comes as naturally as breathing.

There’s nothing quite like being in love. The mere thought of his smile makes you stop in your tracks. Hearing her laugh is music to your ears. And when you touch, your skin and bones set fire. The butterflies in your stomach are restless but you know you wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world.

But relationships can only go so far based on love alone.

Love is fleeting and though you can feel it in your core, you can’t shake the feeling that you need something to anchor it down.

And that’s where the trust comes in. whether you’d like to admit it or not, “I trust you” can be one of the hardest things to say – and genuinely mean. Trust doesn’t quite feel like butterflies; more like something in your gut telling you that this is right. And those little words may seem so underrated but trust means so, so much.

It wasn’t love that broke your heart when you found out the lips that warmed your own touched another’s. You didn’t pull your sleeves up a bit higher to hide your scars from her because you were in love. Love never stopped you from questioning his 2 am calls begging for another chance through intoxicated breaths. Because if those happened out of love, love would be enough to save it.

But putting your trust in someone and having them tear it back out is something that perhaps even love cannot heal.

Saying the words, “I trust you” is taking every fragile bone in your body and leaving it in someone’s strong hands knowing they’ll be perfectly fine.

And when that trust gets broken, the hands that held it, which once seemed strong and safe, now look like knives and you wonder how you could leave something so important in those hands in the first place.

So when someone tells you that they love you, remember that you hold a piece of their heart close to your own, and with it you hold everything beautiful that person has to offer. But when someone says, “I trust you,” remember that you walk on thin ice and you carry that person with you. Know that the slightest bend in the road can send your love falling, and no matter how hard you try to lift her back up, her fingers will just keep slipping from yours.

And if you are lucky enough to have both love and trust at the same time, never take them for granted. Do not allow them to break any person down to their core so that they never know what these two words mean again. No, instead, build on love and build on trust. Make it so that when these words are spoken to someone you truly care about, you are never questioned. Let them grow so that they only become stronger and so that there is enough to last a lifetime.

The subtle art of not giving a fu#k


C9348402-A49E-48A9-BE03-8B50123E6F20The subtle art of not giving a fu#k

In summary there are things in life to give a fu#k about and others that are non deserving of our fu#ks given.
Wasting your energy on needless things in my opinion are total life zappers.
How we perceive things, situations and obstacles ultimately set us up on how we choose to react or act, given the amount of fu#k we give to the current problem.
And trust me problems we occur throughout the whole existence of your life span and we may not be the cause of the problem but it’s presented itself before us and our duty of care is to own it.
How much we’re willing to partake in the problem again comes back to how much we give a fu#k about it.
Determining what feels right or wrong again comes down to owning it and moving through it. How you scale your values is a direct result of your own experiences, you know your limits, you know your worth and by now you should know the amount of fu#k level given.
Elizabeth Pozoglou

weighing up the worth


42D7A57C-349C-4261-8CFE-F76882D86091At times you got to weigh up what’s worth it
If you give too much, then you find yourself adrift
Is there such a thing as a balanced equation ?
Mind games play a role when there’s acts of persuasion
The headspace that consumes way too much
Letting go of shit that doesn’t weigh up
The yin and the yang, the two that blend
How simple it would be if two souls sang
Searching all four corners of the earth
Trying to find the one that gives it worth
Questions that tend to lead us astray, are the ones we conjure up rather then leaving it to come what may
Try to lead by the heart rather then the mind, Then perhaps one day you will find
All that resonates within your soul, is what truly makes it whole.
Weighing up the beauty of an authentic love, a balanced act when one becomes worthy of ….

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

Tales unbind


697028C3-A5B0-41D7-9248-2B5746249E20The sounds of ancient times
A recollection of thoughts that are in your mind
A necessity to protect that which is deeply rooted within your heart
The bloodline carried on, a destination’s path
A kindred spirit that lays dormant within
It takes that someone to come along to bare what’s beneath your skin
Are you afraid of how you really feel inside
You’re a story teller at best of times
But there’s something you overlooked as your tales unbind
I know the words of a man who tries to hide
He is searching for something that he can’t find
If only he learnt to silence what’s in his head
There before him the truth is already lead ….

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou



3765BEB8-F341-4DA7-8604-87EBB847E1DB.jpegAllow me to share a story with you
One that will tell you in detail of this village I have grown to know
Where the windmills stand tall on the hills above
The people below live with a labour of love
Winds that blow through and rustle the leaves
The birds that sing because it believes
Lush forrest of green that surrounds this town
The trees that are grown are olive’s that are brown
A grand church that’s made by hand from granite stone
It’s bells that ring remind you that you’re not alone
Where the people you meet along the streets
Smile and wave at you as a way to greet
The bakery who’s aroma can be smelt from afar
Along the way you come across a little beer bar
Cats and dogs are overflowed in the towns centre
They make you want to reach out and hold them so tender
Let me tell you a little more about the people that are the occupants
They take you in with love, their smiles are full as their eyes dance
You’re fed to the point of no return
Stomach so full you can hear it churn
The wine comes in its abundance
Always filled to the rim if you leave it to chance
An afternoon sleep is much needed for recovery
Waking up anew ready for more discovery
The name of this town shares its history of the past
Proud of its roots it’s Vlachokerasea

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou

Patience will test your virtue


Patience will test your virtue
Have you ever had situations unfold that require your patience and that patience is tested in many ways,shapes and forms until you feel yourself at breaking point?
Sure you have, ah and what a virtue to master!
I have learnt (or still learning) that when you set limits on yourself and allow that mind of yours to start controlling your thought process then this creates unnecessary stress and anxiety.
Why do we feel the need to control things that aren’t in our control? Because we fear an outcome that we may not feel comfortable with or isn’t in our mind favourable.
The word control is a word I dislike, it’s negative and it’s limiting. You limit yourself when you try to control all that isn’t in your control. It’s as simple as that!
Finding your patience and being rewarded with virtue comes only when you learn to stop trying to control what is inevitable. Things will happen, shit will unfold and all you can try to master is your patience and your attitude towards the outcome. It becomes your virtue because you’ve allowed yourself to become limitless, and being limitless is creating new ways to be without boundaries you have set upon yourself with the misconceptions of trying to control the outcomes.
What will be will be, trust the process and enjoy the journey… there’s always a silver lining!

~Elizabeth PozoglouC4010344-00DB-46A8-A830-9CB401A0EB12

Gypsy wandering


4B67008C-5FA4-4834-9D03-22A149B6E3EAIt’s the gypsy soul that wanders the earth
To unveil her truth and give it new birth
Like a fleeting moment that’s come to past
A realisation, a test in time, the lesson learnt has come at last
Oh my gypsy soul how you try to seek
Sometimes life can seem so bleak
Be kind to yourself and harvest your gains
A little shaken up, you’ll get through this pain
Letting go of all that has hurt you before
Given over to a new day and evolving even more
Of the risk’s one must take in order to overcome
All the things that were once said and the things that were done
Vulnerability can truly shake you to the core
But unless you’re willing to let down your guard, you’ll never know what’s behind the door
Gypsy soul, keep it honest, keep it real and keep it pure
Come what may when you explore
Deep within you there always laid a yearning
It’s what keeps your soul alive and has you returning
A love that you have, it’s that which keeps the flames of virtue burning…

Written by
Elizabeth Pozoglou