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Oceans waves keep rolling in…


As the Oceans waves keep rolling in
she looks across the distance
with a hope that has not fallen
she continues to stare
and the water now around her feet
she seems not to care
I wonder if the ocean waves will carry him to me tonight
Her thoughts are engulfed with only the sound of the Ocean
The moonlight casting shadows across her face
she cares not so long as the oceans waves keep rolling in
and as long as they do she holds hope
that perchance her love will come to her soon
as she stands by the edge of the shore
it’s the oceans waves that touch her core
a bird takes flight into the night
she follows it until it’s out of sight
her eyes glaze over and she taste the salt from the oceans spray
upon her face she realises it is her own tears
but as the oceans waves keep rolling in
it reminds her that she holds no fear
so long as they keep rolling in
she holds hope that her love will soon appear…

Written by Elizabeth Pozoglou © 2009